About Hart Transmissions

Australian owned family business

Hart Transmissions has been operating on Brisbane’s northside at Brendale for over 30 years.

Clint Berridge, the current owner, has been working full-time at Hart Transmissions since he left school at age 15 where he started as a parts and workshop cleaner.

He worked his way up in the family’s business like any other employee, from parts cleaner to general mechanic to differential technician to gearbox technician to workshop manager (in his late 20’s) then eventually buying the business in 2010.

So, you could say Clint has invested his lifetime in Hart Transmissions and knows ‘his stuff’ when it comes to manual gearbox, differential and every aspect of your vehicle’s driveline. His wife lovingly calls him ‘The DiffBox Doctor’.

All of the team at Hart Transmissions are long-time employees. Between them, they have 60+ years experience in this trade.

Clint Berridge, owner of Hart Transmissions

Our Mission

Provide honest, reliable and quality automotive repairs and customisation that extends and enhances the life of your automobile investment.

We understand that not everyone knows the mechanics of a car and we are committed to providing an honest service to all customers. We won’t tell you something is broken if it is not and we won’t overcharge you for the service we provide – It’s not who we are!
No work will take place on your vehicle until you give the go-ahead and you will be kept well-informed of the repair if required. We will even show you the broken parts should you require further peace of mind.

We realise we may have your beloved daily driver in our workshop needing urgent attention. Your vehicle is our priority and we will do everything physically possible to get you back on the road safely at the earliest possible time. We have excellent relationships with our local parts suppliers, and you will often see us driving around in our Hart’s utes personally picking up parts to fast-track vehicle repairs.


As we have been doing this for a long time, we understand which parts work best for all different types of repairs and warrant our workmanship. We honestly do not want to see your car back with the same problem, as we take this personally as ‘poor’ workmanship. Most of our business is ‘word of mouth’ so we know we are doing a great job in providing quality work and aim to continue this reputation.

Extend & Enhance the life of your automobile investment

Although our vehicles can often be painful and expensive at the most inappropriate time, we generally do love them. We picked it, we test drove it, we bought it, we loved it! This was quite a big investment too. For some of us, our vehicle is our biggest investment to date. It’s like a love-hate relationship – we love it when it works and hate it when something goes wrong!

The team at Hart Transmissions are BIG car lovers personally and of course at work. They understand your large investment and want to help you extend the life of your vehicle. If we see another issue while working on your car, we will inform you.

This is not done as a money-making scheme; this is done for your safety and the longevity of your vehicle. Your investment and safety is our number one priority.

Visit the Our Team page to learn more about our other ‘Diffbox Doctors’.

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“…. All of the team at Hart Transmissions are long-time employees. Between them, they have 60+ years experience in this trade.”

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