Upgrades & Modifications

Upgrades & Modifications

We specialise in performance upgrades for all makes & models 2wd & 4×4.

For the 4×4 enthusiast we can offer a range of limited slip & locker options:

  • Harrop E-locker
  • Diff ratio changes
  • Nitro Gear products
  • Custom clutch build to ensure you have the power to the wheels when you need it most
  • Suspension upgrades & repairs
  • Suspension airbags & helpers
  • Lift kits

For the performance car enthusiast:

  • Range of upgraded limited slip options
  • Ratio changes
  • Custom billet axles
  • Driveshaft upgrades & modifications
  • Custom street & race clutches to ensure all that power is sent to the bitumen

We also offer Isotropic Polishing of gearbox & differential gears and components. Isotropic Polishing leaves the parts with a smooth finish, reducing friction, which will reduce oil temperatures helping to extend the life of the components.

Give us a call to discuss our available options to determine which products will best suit your needs.



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Popular Upgrades

Diff Ratio Changes

We can supply and install the correct diff ratio to ensure optimum drive ability, reliability and performance. Whether you are wanting that extra acceleration, have changed your tyre size or looking to improve fuel economy, we have the solution for you.

Limited Slips & Lockers

We can supply and install a range of products to suit all your traction requirements for both on and off-road vehicles.

Custom Clutches

We can supply and install a custom clutch for your requirements to ensure a smooth and consistent power delivery through the driveline. From heavy duty 4wd applications to powerful performance cars, we can work with you to ensure you have all the power to the wheels when you need it most

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4WD Modifications & Upgrades

The team at Hart Transmissions are 4WD enthusiasts themselves and genuinely love working on 4WD’s and seeing how far you can push the limits of your vehicle.

Enjoy peace of mind and benefit from lasting workmanship when your 4WD is tweaked and refined for maximum performance by Hart Transmissions.

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