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Manual Gearboxes

At Hart Transmissions, we specialise in manual transmissions. Please note; we do not do automatic transmissions.

The gearbox is the second stage in the transmission system after the clutch and is usually bolted to the rear of the engine with the clutch in-between them.

A manual gearbox can comprise of up to 100 parts inside the outer case.  These parts consist of gears, input shaft, synchroniser, output shaft, drive shaft, main shaft, reverse gear, bearings and counter shaft.

A manual transmission is a complex mechanical system that controls the application of power from the engine to the driveshaft.  It experiences more wear and tear than most other parts in your vehicle due to the heat and friction produced by their many moving and interacting components.

Common manual gearbox problems include:

  • Rumbling or growling noise from the gearbox while driving
  • High pitch whine from gearbox while driving
  • Grinding noise when changing gears
  • The transmission jumps into neutral while driving or on engagement of clutch on take-off

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your gearbox, please contact us and arrange a free inspection and test drive.

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