Brake Repairs and Replacement

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Brake Repairs and Replacement

The brake system in your vehicle is probably the most important function – we need to slow down and stop.

A car in motion has a lot of kinetic energy, which is energy in motion. To stop a car, the brakes have to get rid of that kinetic energy and they do so by using the force of friction to convert the energy to heat.

When you press your foot on the brake pedal, the hydraulic fluid causes the brake calliper to press the brake pad against the brake disc which generates friction and converts the kinetic energy into heat in the brake pad.  Stopping a speeding car can create over 500 degrees Celsius or more!  Your brake pads are made to withstand these types of heat, but not forever.

Signs of Brake problems can include:

  • Brake light on
  • Squealing, screeching or grinding noise when applying brakes
  • Spongy or soft Brake pedal
  • Throbbing or pulsing in the brake pedal when applying brakes
  • Car pulling to one side when braking
  • Burning smell
  • Leaking fluid

Don’t ignore the noise and feel of your brakes.  Ignoring your brakes can affect not only safety, but also can lead to expensive repair.

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